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Get Rid of Sensitive Teeth with Simple Tips

Do you find sipping of hot coffee, a cold drink or tasting an ice-cream causing a painful experience? Does your tooth also feel very sensitive to even brushing or flossing your teeth? If so, you may be suffering from sensitive teeth or cold tooth.


What causes sensitive teeth?


Gum disease


A worn out tooth enamel


Tooth decay, like cavities


Fractured teeth


Worn out Fillings


Exposed tooth root

Why does tooth become sensitive?

Healthy teeth have a layer of enamel protecting the crown (the exposed part above the gums). While, under the gum line, the tooth root is protected by a layer called cementum. Further, underneath the enamel and the cementum is dentin containing micro tubules. When the protective cementum or the enamel gets damaged, the tubules in the dentin get exposed to the heat and cold food stuffs (acidic and sticky foods) and reach the nerves and cells inside the tooth, it can result in hypersensitivity.

Can sensitive teeth be treated?

Sensitive teeth can be treated. The treatment varies for every individual depending on the cause that is creating the sensitivity. Some treatments include:


A crown, inlay or bonding may be done to correct a decay that causes sensitivity.


Using desensitizing toothpaste could help block the transmission of sensation from the tooth surface to the nerve. (several applications)


Surgical gum graft is done when the gum tissue which protects the root, is lost. By doing gum grafting, it will protect the root and reduce sensitivity.


Root canal is done if sensitivity is severe and persistent and when there is no other option to treat it.


At times the dentist may use an in-office technique using Flouride Gel which will strengthen the tooth enamel and reduce the transmission of sensations.

Prevention and care:

The best way to prevent sensitive tooth pain is to maintain proper oral hygiene. Try avoid biting into very cold foods like ice cream. Also, use a soft toothbrush and soft dental floss to reduce the irritation that may make teeth sensitive.

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